In Brunei, a Southeast Asian nation known for its rich cultural heritage, weddings are significant and elaborate affairs. Traditional customs and rituals are still widely practiced. Here are some key aspects of marriage traditions in Brunei in 2023:


Islam is the official religion of Brunei, and Islamic customs heavily influence marriage traditions. Weddings are conducted in accordance with Islamic principles, with an emphasis on modesty, purity, and adherence to religious obligations.


Engagement Ceremony:

The engagement ceremony, known as the “berjanji,” marks the formal agreement between the bride and groom’s families. It involves exchanging gifts, usually in the form of jewelry or money, as a symbol of commitment and solidarity.



Bersanding is the grand wedding reception where the couple sits on a dais, adorned in traditional attire. Elaborate decorations, sumptuous feasts.


Traditional Attire:

The bride typically wears a stunning traditional outfit called the “baju pengantin” or “baju kurung,” adorned with intricate embroidery and embellishments. The groom wears the “baju Melayu,” a loose-fitting, embroidered shirt paired with trousers.


Wedding Gifts:

Giving gifts to the newlyweds is customary in Brunei. These gifts, known as “hantaran,” symbolize good wishes for the couple’s future. They often include items like household goods, religious books, and monetary contributions.


Community Involvement:

Weddings in Brunei often involve the participation of the entire community. Relatives, friends, and neighbors come together to assist in various preparations, such as decorating the venue and cooking traditional dishes.


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