In Bhutan, a small Himalayan kingdom known for its unique cultural heritage, marriage is a significant milestone in the lives of its people. While the country has undergone modernization, traditional customs and rituals continue to play a vital role in Bhutanese weddings. Here are some key marriage traditions in Bhutan in 2023:


Arranged Marriages:

Arranged marriages are still prevalent in Bhutan, where families play a significant role in finding suitable matches for their children. Parents often seek alliances with families of similar social status and background.


Engagement Ceremony:

Prior to the wedding, an engagement ceremony called “Nangchang” takes place. It involves the exchange of gifts between the families of the bride and groom, symbolizing the formal agreement of the marriage.


Traditional Attire:

Bhutanese weddings are colorful affairs, and the bride and groom don traditional attire. The bride wears a “Kira,” a traditional Bhutanese dress, while the groom wears a “Gho,” a knee-length robe tied at the waist.


Offering of Gifts:

It is customary for both families to exchange gifts during the wedding ceremony. These gifts can range from traditional items such as butter lamps, and textiles to modern presents like household appliances or monetary offerings.


Wedding Feast:

A grand feast, known as “Nyendrup,” is organized to celebrate the wedding. Relatives, friends, and villagers come together to enjoy traditional Bhutanese cuisine.



The elders are considered essential in Bhutanese weddings. The couple respect their parents, grandparents, and respected elders as a sign of respect and gratitude.


Community Involvement:

Bhutanese weddings are community affairs, with the entire village often participating in the celebrations. It is not uncommon for neighbors and friends to contribute in various ways, such as offering assistance in organizing the wedding or providing financial support.

Modern Influences:

With the advent of modernity, Bhutanese weddings have also seen some changes. Some couples opt for love marriages, influenced by contemporary values and personal choice. Additionally, modern elements such as professional wedding photography and videography are becoming more popular.


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