Belarusian marriage traditions are rooted in ancient Slavic customs and are still practiced today in various forms. Here are some of the most prominent traditions associated with Belarusian weddings:


In the past, marriages were often arranged by parents or matchmakers, and the couple had little say in the matter. Nowadays, however, most couples choose their own partners.


The engagement period usually lasts for several months and involves a formal meeting between the families of the bride and groom. During this time, the couple exchanges gifts, and the groom may perform various tasks or “tests” to prove his love and commitment.

Bridal Attire:

Traditional Belarusian wedding attire for women includes a white shirt, a floral wreath, and a long, colorful skirt. The groom typically wears a white shirt, a vest, and dark pants.

Wedding Ceremony:

The ceremony involves the couple and their families processing around the altar, exchanging rings, and lighting candles.


After the ceremony, guests gather for a festive reception, complete with traditional foods


Games and Rituals:

Belarusian weddings often include various games and rituals, such as the “bread and salt” ceremony where the couple is presented with a loaf of bread and a dish of salt to symbolize prosperity and hospitality. There may also be the “stealing of the bride” ritual, where the groom and his groomsmen must perform various tasks to “earn” the bride’s hand in marriage.


Overall, Belarusian wedding traditions are a fascinating mix of ancient customs and modern-day celebrations, reflecting the country’s rich cultural heritage.


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