Parent’s status after marriage:

Parents are a great gift from Allah. Adults cannot pay the debt of one night when their parents spend to awake for them. They always sacrifice their initial needs for their children. In our society, most adults after marriage leave their parents alone. It is the duty of every adult to take care of the honour and respect of their parents after marriage.

How to Take care of your family:

Family means living in unity. Each family member can take care of the others. They are obedient to each other. Do not rule the life of your family members. Give space to each other. Always teach them and bear the mistakes of every member. Every family has a lot of issues, but they sit together and solve those issues with the discussion. Each has the right to decide for the betterment of their family.

Responsibility of Adults after marriage:

Adults have a lot of responsibilities to their parents and family. They can spend time equally with their parent and family. They arrange to get together and have dinner along with the parents and their family for the purpose of happiness and building strong relationships between parents and the family. They arrange picnic parties for the parent along with the family for sake of enjoyment after marriage 


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