Marriage traditions in Chile reflect the rich cultural heritage and blend of indigenous, European, and modern influences. In 2023, these customs and celebrations continue to play a significant role in wedding ceremonies across the country. From traditional rituals to contemporary trends, Chilean weddings are vibrant. Let’s explore some of the notable marriage traditions in Chile.


Civil Ceremonies:

Chile recognizes both civil weddings. Civil ceremonies are legally binding and typically take place at a registry office.


Engagement and Wedding Rings:

The exchange of engagement and wedding rings is a customary practice in Chile. Rings symbolize the couple’s commitment and love for each other. Engagement rings are typically worn on the left hand, and wedding rings are added during the marriage ceremony.


La Pedida de Mano (The Hand Request):

La Pedida de Mano is a traditional custom where the groom’s family formally requests the bride’s hand in marriage from her parents. This gesture demonstrates respect and the intention to build a strong bond between the two families.


Bridal Attire:

Chilean brides often opt for a white wedding gown, influenced by European traditions. However, contemporary brides also embrace modern trends, incorporating indigenous elements or vibrant colors into their attire. Grooms usually wear a formal suit or traditional Chilean attire known as “huaso” or “huasa.”


Cultural Influences:

Chilean weddings often incorporate traditional elements from the Mapuche indigenous culture.


Wedding Procession:

A traditional feature of Chilean weddings is the wedding procession. The bride, accompanied by her father or a significant male figure, walks down the aisle to meet the groom.


Feast and Toasts:

After the ceremony, Chilean weddings typically feature a lavish feast with traditional dishes like empanadas and cazuela. Toasts and speeches expressing well wishes and celebrating the couple’s union are an integral part of the reception.


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