Austria is a country with a rich history and culture, and its marriage traditions are no exception. The wedding ceremony in Austria usually begins with a civil ceremony. The bride typically wears a white dress, while the groom wears a suit. A popular tradition is the “Polterabend,” a pre-wedding party where guests smash porcelain and glass to bring good luck to the couple.

Another tradition is the “Brautentführung,” or bride kidnapping, where the groom and his friends must complete a series of challenges to win back the bride. In some regions, the couple must saw a log in half together to symbolize their ability to work together and overcome obstacles.

Food plays an important role in Austrian wedding traditions, with dishes. The wedding cake is usually a multi-layered fruit cake called “Hochzeitstorte.”

Overall, Austrian wedding traditions are a blend of old and new customs, reflecting the country’s diverse history and culture.


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