Marriage traditions in Algeria have evolved over time, but many traditional customs and rituals continue to be practiced in modern Algerian weddings. Some of the most important traditions and customs include:



In Algeria, the engagement period is a significant time where both families meet and get to know each other. Gifts are exchanged, and the couple’s families agree on the wedding date and other arrangements.


Henna Night:

A few days before the wedding, the bride and her female relatives and friends gather to apply henna on their hands and feet. It’s a time of celebration and bonding for the women.


Wedding Ceremony:

Algerian weddings are typically grand affairs that involve many guests. The bride and groom exchange rings and sign the marriage contract.



In Algeria, the groom is expected to give the bride a mahr, which is a gift of money or property that serves as a symbol of his commitment to her.


Traditional Dress:

The bride typically wears a traditional Algerian dress called a kaftan, while the groom wears a traditional suit called a gandoura.


Food and Drink:

Algerian weddings are known for their delicious food and drink. Guests are served a variety of dishes.


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